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she moves


She moves (Phase I)

6000 photographs, approximately 2,300km selected routes in the congo basin rain forest.

An attempt to re-capture a feeling I had as a child, driving through these forests with my parents. An unknown spirit of moving trees.The mosaics created from her moving stills tend to stop or reduce  individual pictorial  movements, evoking the struggles between  basic impressions and the institutionalised norm.

The photographs were later on printed on transparent film and coated with epoxy resin.

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documentation/installation view (prints on epoxy resin)

z documentation view (17)

z documentation view (2)

z documentation view (3)

z documentation view (14)

z installation view (000)

simulation (digital) “breathe I video sculpture” (study)

“a suivre” (study)


“A suivre!” is a French expression that could be translated as to be continued, to be followed or to be listened to.
How hot can an ephemeral political speech be and what amount of smoke can it breed?“

A suivre!, 2012, (33’33’’video loop, audio with overlapping excerpts from historic pro-conflict speeches of politicians, recorded between 1940 and 2012).

7b a suivre 4“a suivre” (video installation, 33:33 [study])