“a suivre” (study)

2012-2013 (video installation)

“A suivre!” is a French expression that could be translated as to be continued, to be followed or to be listened to.
The question becomes “what is to be continued”, is it the events in the audio? / the piece itself? Or “what is to be followed closely? Is it the distorted dialogue? / the links between the ephemeral nature of the spoken word and smoke? / the basic idea that one breeds the other…or the visual elements with layers of abyss and beauty that questions the superficial appearance and what lies beneath…Is the apparent ephemeral really ephemeral?

How hot can an ephemeral political speech be and what amount of smoke can it breed?“

A suivre!, 2012, (33’33’’video loop, audio with overlapping excerpts from historic pro-conflict speeches of politicians, recorded between 1940 and 2012).

7b a suivre 4“a suivre” (video installation, 33:33 [study])


About Em'kal Eyongakpa

Em'kal Eyongakpa (b 1981) , Kɛnyaŋland/Dɛnyaland/ Itinerant. Approaches the experienced, the unknown, as well as collective histories through a ritual use of repetition and transformation, with interwoven installations/performances/soundscapes, that not only blurs the boundaries between employed media, but could also alter the notion of the real and the illusory. Initially trained as a botanist and ecologist, Eyongakpa switched to an interdisciplinary art pursuit, before taking even more time off for reflections around KHaL!LAND/KHaL! SHRINE/KHaL!toPIA. Selected recent exhibitions include 13th Sharjah Biennial 2017, La Biennale de Montréal 2016, 32a Bienal de São Paulo, Negotiations 1-i; Dualaland-Paris (Solo), Kadist art Foundation.

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