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?? full moons later /letters from etokobarek, 2013-2014 [excerpt]

?? Full moons later / Letters from Etokobarek( Eurolands) is a multimedia experience,
a fragmentary narrative born from recorded happenstances, diary notes and negotiations
following major personal and collective experiences between 2013 and 2014.
The installation which has as starting point, lived experiences, also draws from dreams,
rituals and a re-appropriation of recounted histories.
The collected materials are intuitively intertwined or woven. via basic analogue mechanics,
sculpture, video, sound, scribblings, text and photography in a fashion that not only obscures
the boundaries between the employed media but could also distort the notion of the real and
the illusory.The studio tryout was  installed in two seperate spaces of close proximity

Room 1
(wires,motors,light,video,sound,found objects,scribblings…)

documentation view; studio-photography


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Room 2: photo/video documentation of the process / traces (excerpt)

letters from etokobarek (europe) untitled (1)

untitled (letters from etokobarek)

letters from etokobarek (europe) untitled (3)

untitled (letters from etokobarek)

photo documentation (3)

untitled (letters from etokobarek)

in addition to video and photographic documentation of the process/ build up
to the installation in room 1, live audio recording from room 1 installation
(mix of 4 stereo set up + room acoustics) is transmited via fm receivers (headphones)
in room 2. These sounds are mapped in space with original stereo files I listened to while I 
scribbled initial material in installation room 1. Both sound sources are assigned to
different fm tramsmiters and switch as one moves across the room.
Using drawing materials,(oil pastels, oil sticks, charcoal, ink) some visitors leave
traces/ lines on wall paper based on what they hear/feel…
The traces might be used in subsequent presentations or not,

traces from visitors during  first studio presentation (excerpt)


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other: performance and film

fmllfe elements 4 room other


video documentation (studio view)

dis sonic rituals 240x320mm

wata culture 240×320 mm

project overview pdf full moons later – letters from etokobarek