gaia beats/bits III-i /doves and an aged hammock

Drift wood, drift plastic, multi-channel sound (6.4), analogue motor, hydraulic system, nets, plant fibres, mycellium, other.

Installation view at “Tidalectics”, TBA21 Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna, June 2 — November 19, 2017.

Courtesy Em’kal Eyongakpa, KHaLISHRINE, TBA21

video documentation; gaia beats/bits III-i /doves and an aged hammock

documentation doves and an aged hammock-gaia beats 3-i TBAcontemporary (41)documentation doves and an aged hammock-gaia beats 3-i TBAcontemporary (42)sessions b5 plus docu1_40

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many thanks dear itinerant friends who let I & I record their personal …those who sent objects, Larebi, Sami, Florian of Gelitin and his wonderful kids, Gelalin collective,TBA team, and  the studio/


About Em'kal Eyongakpa

Em'kal Eyongakpa (b 1981) , Mamfe, Cameroons/ Lives and work at Itinerant*. Em'kal Eyongakpa approaches the experienced, the unknown, as well as collective histories through a ritual use of repetition and transformation.His interwoven and immersive installations, which could be experienced as paradoxical systems, not only blurs the boundaries between employed media, but could also alter the notion of the real and the illusory. Em'kal Eyongakpa's recent ideas increasingly draw from indigenous knowledge systems and aesthetics, ethnobotany, applied mycology and technology, in his explorations of the personal and the universal. He is also known for self organised community research platforms and autonomous art hubs, from KHaL!SHRINE in Yaoundé (2007-2012), to the recent sound art and music platform ɛfúkúyú. Eyongakpa holds degrees in Plant biology and Ecology from the University of Yaoundé 1 and was a resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. The artist's work has recently been exhibited at the Jakarta Biennale (2017), the 13th Sharjah biennial (2017), La Biennale de Montreal (2016), the 32nd Bienal de São Paulo (2016), 9th and 10th Bamako Encounters(2011,2015), 10th Dak'art biennial (2012) .And in institutions; TBA21, Vienna (2017) Walther Collection Ulm (2017); Le Cyclop, Milly-la-Forêt (2016); Kadist Art Foundation, Paris (2015); Africa Acts, Paris (2015), David Roberts Art Foundation, London (2015), SAVVY Contemporary and NBK, Berlin (2014),18th International Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, Sao Paulo (2013) , IFC Yaounde (2012) and .....

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